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I am so thankful you are here

I'm Rach. Vietnam born, Colorado raised, I have a passion for giving back to my community through my art. I strive to inspire others with the gifts God has given me, that I may help others see Jesus and feel His love. 

My dream and desire is to live, love and give beyond my reach. I have a heart for the nations and just absolutely love learning about different cultures. I am a big fan of diversity as I have grown up in a diverse family of 8 (5 of the 8 are adopted, one from Colorado, Vietnam, Korea and two from China).

I don't want people just to come and see my heART, but to help me go and find. To go beyond our comfort zone and find Jesus among the orphan, the poor, the lost and unbelieving. I mean think about it, God gave you Hope, do you think He wanted you to keep that Hope for yourself? 

Will you join me on this journey to being a blessing to others?

About Me: Welcome
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