Build Each Other Up

Build Each Other Up


Original Painting


Size: 16" x 20"

Style: Acrylic/Oil on Canvas

Shipping (Insurance Cost) and Tax Included


*Please EMAIL me if you are interested in prints or copies of this piece. Price will be less than orginal :)

  • San Miguel, Guatemala

    Our Church, along with a few other local Churches adopted a village in Guatemala. One of the needs was to rebuild their current Church. I went on a mission trip January 2017 and witnessed their need. I came back and painted the church then made a copy and framed it for the Pastor. The following January, I returned to Guatemala and was blessed as the Pastor of the church praised the Lord for His goodness and provision. The church was fully funded and rebuilt. I left a framed copy of this painting for the pastor as a reminder of God's Faithfulness. 


    "We should keep on encouraging each other (building each other up) to love and good works (acts of compassion)..." Hebrews 10:24

    May This Piece Remind You to Build Each Other Up. :)