Take Me Home

Take Me Home


Original Painting


Size: 5" x 7"  

Style: Acrylic on a Thin Canvas

  • Take Me Home

    This was a fun one. This was my first painting to paint in nature and paint what I saw. I went up to a famous spot in Fort Collins, Horsetooth Reservoir. Fun fact, I have lived in Fort Collins near the mountains my whole life, so I defintiely can call this place home... It was March of 2020 when I hiked in snow and saw ice covering the reservoir. I painted for 3.5 hours straight in the cold. Tip: wear gloves when painting in the cold... It was an incredible and unforgettable time with just me and Jesus. We both jammed out to the song, "Take Me Home" by Ascent Project Music. If you haven't already, give that song a listen.