Viet Mom Fanny Pack

Viet Mom Fanny Pack


Size: S, M, or L


Style: Cute, comfortable, travel friendly, can carry your essentials (keys, wallet, phone)

  • Viet Mom

    I found this photo (of a Vietnamese mother and her daughter) online. The place holds significance as it is the birthplace, the place where I was adopted from, Vietnam. I painted from looking at the photo using acrylic on white paper. I normally sketch out before I paint, this time I just started painting and this is how it turned out. I designed this fanny pack with my art on it. I had a website print my art onto this piece. Neat right? I had pre-ordered a fanny pack for myself awhile back and never knew I would carry this pack everywhere I go. It is so nice for just carrying my wallet, phone and keys and a few small miscellaneous items. This product is great for any occasion.